Eurasian Grassland Conference 2024

Venue & Travel

The conference venue will be in the city of Bolzano/Bozen in the research center Eurac Research headquarters (Viale Druso/Drususallee 1). It can be reached from the old town or the train station in 15 minutes by foot. Alternatively, there are bus-stops directly in front of the entrance (bus stop ‘Eurac Research’) and it is possible to arrive by public transport. The first day’s keynote talk and the icebreaker will be held in the Naturmuseum Südtirol / Museo di Scienze Naturali dell'Alto Adige. It is situated within a 10-minute walk from the train station in the old town of Bolzano/Bozen (Via Bottai/Bindergasse 1).

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Eurac Research

Eurac Research is a private research center with researchers from a wide variety of scientific fields who come from all over the globe. Eurac counts 750 collaborators from over 45 countries and is organised in 11 institutes and 7 centers. Eurac Research addresses the greatest challenges of the future: keeping societies healthy, fostering intact environments, promoting sustainable energy and developing well-functioning political and social systems. Research at Eurac ranges from climate change to renewable energies, minority rights to autonomy and multilingualism, personalised medicine to paleogenetics.

Information on Facilities & Structure

1 auditorium á 310 seats

1 conference room á 100+ seats

4 seminar rooms á 30 seats each

2 foyers

1 big-sized internal garden (1060 mq)

1 library with lecture rooms and studio

1 bar-caffetteria with catering options

Open Wi-Fi for all guests in the whole building

There is a specific event team of the Meeting Management Department, in charge of coordinating the registration, ticketing, logistics, technical and catering part, as well as for managing the overall booking services. It will give organizational support during the Congress and is, furthermore, certified Green Event organizer.

How to find us

Eurac Research
Viale Druso/ Drususallee 1
I-39100 Bolzano/ Bozen – Italy
Tel. +39 0471 055000

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Please be aware that Bolzano/Bozen is very popular with tourists and a very busy city!
Please book your accommodation very early, otherwise it could be very difficult to find something in the price level you would like or in the area you’d prefer.

Suggested hotels

If you need help or other accommodation options, please contact the Bolzano Tourist Board

Hotel Figl

Hotel Figl ***s

In the city center

14’ from Eurac Research

10’ from Eurac Research


Parkhotel Mondschein

Parkhotel Mondschein ****

In the city

17’ from Eurac Research

10’ from Eurac Research


Post Gries

Post Gries ***

In the city

20’ from Eurac Research.

16’ from Eurac Research.


B&B Hotel Bolzano

B&B Hotel Bolzano ***

In the industrial zone

10’ from Eurac Research

17’ from Eurac Research


Four Points by Sheraton Bolzano

Four Points by Sheraton Bolzano ****

In the industrial zone

47’ from Eurac Research

29’ from Eurac Research


Parkhotel Werth

Parkhotel Werth ****

In the south part of the city

51’ from Eurac Research

27’ from Eurac Research


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Travel to Bolzano/Bozen

Because of its geographical location, the city of Bolzano/Bozen is one of the most important trade centers of the alpine region and it can be reached also by railway, airline, bikeways and pathways.

Arriving by train

Train connections with major cities north and south of the Alps

The main railway Bologna-Verona-Bolzano/Bozen-Brenner-Innsbruck-Munich allows four fast connections with all major cities both north and south of the Alps. The Bolzano/Bozen train station is located in the center of town, just ten minutes by foot from the Headquarter of Eurac Research and from the main hotels.  


Travel times

Munich – Bolzano/Bozen: 4 hours 20 minutes
Innsbruck – Bolzano/Bozen: 2 hours
Verona – Bolzano/Bozen: 1.5 hours
Milan – Bolzano/Bozen: 3.5 hours
Bergamo – Bolzano: 3.5 hours
Bologna – Bolzano: 3.5 hours  


Frequency of trains

Bolzano/Bozen offers daily fast connections with the Eurocity train from and to Verona station.
Besides those connections, regional trains depart every hour from and to Bolzano/Bozen.
Daily fast connections with the Eurocity train from Bolzano/Bozen to Innsbruck and Munich station and also daily fast connections from Innsbruck and Munich to Bolzano/Bozen.

Arriving by road

Access via motorway

Brenner Motorway A22 Exit Bolzano/Bozen-Süd/Nord State Street SS 12 from Trento or from the Brenner Pass State Street SS 38 from the Reschen Pass  


Connections and public transportation

The city of Bolzano/Bozen has an extensive and developed network of bus connections, whichconnect the station not only with the rest of the city itself, but also with the surrounding areas. Taxis can be found at the train station, airport, and fairgrounds, as well as at other well-frequented locations. Another transportation feature of the city is its system of three aerial cable cars, which connect the centre with higher-lying areas.

Car parking

Parking in Bolzano

Online availability of parking spaces Bolzano Parking App Parking garages Here is the list of all parking possibilities in Bolzano

Arriving by bus

Arriving by bike

For the bike lovers among the guests there is the possibility to reach Bolzano/Bozen by bike.
Some of the European bike routes lead exactly through the Alpine region and cross the city.

Eurovelo n. 7:


Bolzano is located along the E5 trail, one of the most popular European trail that connect Cap du Raz (FR) with Venice (IT).


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