Eurasian Grassland Conference 2024

Workshop & Excursions

Workshop and excursions

Workshop: Monday, 26/08/24

The workshop will be held by three insect experts: Elia Guariento works mainly with butterflies and ants, Lisa Obwegs with wild bees, and Andreas Hilpold with grasshoppers. In the morning session they will present an introduction to the biology, the methodology and the ecology of the four taxa with a special focus on grasslands. In the afternoon we will take the cable car to Ritten/Renon where we will search for insects using a set of different methods.

Andrena sp., Leptophyes albovittata, Lysandra bellargus. All three occur frequently in landscapes with grasslands and are to be expected for the surroundings of Bolzano

© Eurac Research | Lisa Obwegs

Andrena sp.

© Walter Stockner

Lysandra bellargus

© Eurac Research | Andreas Hilpold

Leptophyes albovittata

Mid-conference Excursion: Wednesday, 28/08/24

Mid-Conference excursion: This excursion will lead us to the Vinschgau / Venosta valley and will combine a short walk in the dry continental steppe-like grasslands of the Vinschgau / Venosta valley with a trip to the alpine grasslands in Schnalstal/Val Senales.

© Nadiia Skobel

Steppe-like grasslands with Stipa capillata next to Juval castle in the Vinschgau / Venosta valley (EDGG Field Workshop 2023)

Post-conference Excursion: 30/08/24-01/09/24

The post-conference excursion will lead us to the subalpine and alpine areas of the Isarco/Eisack valley and the Western Dolomites. We will see various types of grasslands, such as extensive subalpine pastures (Nardeta) and alpine grasslands on acidic and carbonate bedrock. In addition to the botanical aspects, we will discuss conservation issues, specifically whether man-made grasslands of the montane and subalpine zone will survive abandonment and management intensification.

Maximum number of participants: 35 persons

Register for the post-conference excursion here

© Eurac Research | Martina Jaider

Sub-alpine grassland in the southwestern Dolomites

© Andreas Hilpold

Subalpine grasslands in the Villnöss/Funes valley, in the background the Geisler/Odle mountain peaks

© Andreas Hilpold

Extensive meadows with Nardus stricta on the Seiser Alm/Alpe di Siusi

Green event

We plan to organize a green event:

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