Eurasian Grassland Conference 2024

Abstract Submission

If you are interested in participating actively in the conference, please submit an abstract. We welcome both oral and poster presentations of scientific results and on non-scientific activities such as conservation management on the topic of grasslands.

Deadline for abstract submission: 23 June

Here some information abou the poster presentations: The large-format posters will be exhibited in the foyer of the Eurac main building. In addition to the printed poster, a short presentation should be prepared. The poster should be presented briefly with a total of three slides in a maximum of 3 minutes. The slides should NOT be identical to the poster but represent a kind of graphic abstract:

Slide 1 briefly presents the topic and the background of the research. Slide 2 presents the methods and the study site. Slide 3 presents the results of the research work. There will then be an opportunity to ask questions. The maximum time for the presentation including discussion is 5 minutes.

Specific instructions about the preparation of the presentations will be communicated after the notification on acceptance. We will try to respect the oral/poster preference of the participants, but please note that in case of too many applications for oral presentations, the organizers might ask some participants to prepare a poster instead of oral presentation.

Abstract submission is possible by clicking the 'Submit' button, please provide the information following the concept of the provided template (docx file).

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